Tournament Pushed Back!

Due to The Lack of enemy armies, the CPJL Top Dawg Tournament Has been pushed back! The Date now for the event is August 1st-2nd


The Contestants have been selected!

All The Justice Contestants for the Top Dawg Tournament have been selected! We now need six evil armies (that are small of course!)

Im deeply sorry to those armies that didn’t get selected. You will be selected to compete in next months Tourney. Plus, the winner of this months tourney besides being crowned will also participate in the next Tourney.

Armies Selected:

  • Dark Knight Army(Host Army)
  • Club Penguin Builders Army
  • Parkas of Club Penguin
  • Army Of Dark Lightning
  • Cp Clones
  • Kirbydavy Force

Congrats to Our Six Justice army Competitors! Good Luck! Remember that The Tourney starts July 17th in through July 18th. I suggest to train your army to get better. YOU CANNOT RECRUIT ON THE DAY OF THE TOURNEY THAT IS CONCIDERED CHEATING!!!!!!!!!! Keep an eye out for where you will be battling! Look On The “Tournaments Page” to find out where your gonna battle!

CPJL Top Dawg Army Tournament

We have a Tournament Coming Up July 17th and 18th. We are still looking for six evil small to med sized armies!

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